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Yamaha 40hp 2 stroke outboard weight

By | 05.10.2020

Completely reinvented and a IBEX Award Winner, the all-new Yamaha F25 is the lightest horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke. The bed of your truck. While its streamlined design is up to 25 percent lighter, it still manages to pack in exciting new features—like battery-less EFI and an optional electric start kit. The completely reimagined Yamaha F25 Portable four stroke.

The all-new F25 Portable four stroke features a Single Overhead Camshaft, 2-cylinder powerhead, for a compact design that weighs in at only pounds. That gives it the best power-to-weight ratio of any horsepower outboard on the water—two stroke or four stroke. The F25 design features two-valves-per-cylinder and a single overhead camshaft, making it the lightest horsepower outboard on the water.

This also means better breathing and more power. The F25's electronic fuel injection system provides smooth running and greater fuel efficiency than the previous F And the system operates without a battery, thus reducing weight so if you want to go light, you can. A battery is required for electric-start capability.

Compare the more compact profile of the F25C vs. At pounds, it is 25 percent lighter than the F25B. This weight reduction, along with new carry handles means portability in the horsepower class. The F25C also out-accelerates its predecessor, the F25B. The F25C bests the F25B in every measure.

The new F25C outperforms the traditional Yamaha horsepower two stroke. Whether you have a manual or an electric, you can count on reliable starts.

yamaha 40hp 2 stroke outboard weight

The new F25 features a no-battery-required Electronic Fuel Injection for easy starts and even lighter weight. To make starting even easier, there is an easy start decompression device. The F25 features an external oil draining system, making for easy maintenance, by the boater or the dealer.

It now features built-in carry handles, resting pads, a folding tiller handle and an easy oil retention system. This allows for easy carrying and storage on its side, without oil leakage. The F25 has a shortened tiller handle for convenient control of small jon boats. It even offers sub-idle trolling up to RPM below normal idle speed.

yamaha 40hp 2 stroke outboard weight

The F25 features an alternator that produces up to 16 amps of power. A degree steering angle in each direction means great maneuvering potential. This also meets federal EPA requirements. A Freshwater Flush Device allows you to flush the engine without starting it, for maximum convenience, durability and engine life. The F25 features a wide-span mounting system, providing strength and minimizing vibration for a smooth run.Lic boat and trailer, 30 hp yamaha 4 stroke2 sonders, epirb, life jackets, radio, flares, new seats 2 fuel tanks not being used need to sell, Trailcraft powered by 60 hp yamaha 2 stroke boat and motor are all in good working condition with no leaks has a few scratches from over the years Selling this set up with Yamaha 2 stroke 15 hp short shaft engine lucky to do 3 hours great set up with all floors put in bilge pumps wired up to Good all round boat seperate injected 2 stroke oil 90 hp yamaha hydraulic steering dual battery with isolator and trickle charge solar bilge pump amfm Selling my stacer 40 metre dingy, owned this for around 12 months now and it has never missed a beat, 30 hp yamaha 2 stroke on the back which i had it serviced Make world cat catamarans mode sc hull year launch date engine 1 yamaha hp four stroke hours year engine 2 yamaha Life has taken a different direction I have everything to build, 2 x 25 4 stroke Yamaha "s only House boat 14m long 43ft x 48m wide 16ft built aluminium floor frame, 2 x 25 hp yamaha high thrust 4 stroke outboards just been slipped and antifouled, Savage bay cruiser model boat is in excellent conditionwell maintained and regularly serviced with very low 79 hours yamaha 90 hp 2 stroke motor This is a super reliable fishing boat registered for 5 adults 50 hp 2 stroke yamaha outboard excellent motor boat and trailer both registered sounder Description for sale 3.

Value at its best!!!!. Mckee craft centre consoles for sale - we have 2 of these ex charter fishing rigs on unregistered aluminium trailers. Both are powered by a model yamaha For sale 3. New model 25 ssr, deck lenght is 26', twin 25" toons, 2 bimini covers, seagrass vinyl flooring, docking lights, cockpit table, saltwater anode package, Noble 5. New model 22 ss stern radius twin hull.

Stacer seasprite aluminium open tinny yamaha 6hp 4 stroke transfer of balance of engine factory warranty to Inventory make: cavalier model: cavalier 32 hull material: gpr deck: gpr length: 32 ft vessel name: bob launch year: beam: 3 m draft: 1.

Very low hours and extremely well looked after jackman 7. This boat has always been stored in a shed and fully washed after every use, Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke weight. By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. Boats for Sale. Your search Yamaha 40 hp 2 stroke weight Related ads with more general searches:.

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yamaha 40hp 2 stroke outboard weight

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Save your search. Reduced price.The engine weight is recorded at lbs. This is a 2 cylinder model. The displacement for the pistons is The bore for this outboard is 2. This engine has power steering and a electric-type starter. For example, if you look at your tachometer at top speed and it is not within the engine's RPM range then that is generally not good.

Be sure to do your testing under your normal boating conditions and with a good propeller not bent, cracked, or excessively chipped. Information on this page is provided to you as a free service of iboats. Because this information has come from many sources we can not guarantee its accuracy. Even if this information is the same as the original factory specs, boats are sometimes modified.

Thus, for safety and other reasons, it is a good idea to verify information here to make sure it matches up with your boat. The iboats Outboard Motor Forums are another excellent source of information.

The iboats Forum Directory can likely help you find a lot of outboard information as it is arranged by subject. Engine Manual: Yamaha Outboard Manual Information on this page has come from multiple third parties and can not be guaranteed to be accurate.

All rights reserved. This 40 horsepower Yamaha outboard, manufactured inis a saltwater model. Yamaha Outboard Manual. Information on this page has come from multiple third parties and can not be guaranteed to be accurate.Log in or Sign up. What is the best 40 hp outboard in your opinion? Aug 12, 1. Alright, I know that im gonna get different answers but I want to know what yall think.

I have always heard yamahas are the best but with how far outboard engine technology has come, are they still king? Im looking for the most reliable low maintenance outboard in yalls opinions.

Yamaha 40hp outboard motors sale-2020 4 stroke F40LEHA

What do yall think? By the way I am thinking of going center console over tiller if that makes any difference. Last edited: Aug 12, FlatsSharkAug 12, Bama12 likes this.

Aug 12, 2. New or used? If used, then the answer is pretty much a 50hp Yamaha 2-stroke no 40 hp inthe last year Yamaha sold 2-strokes in the U. If you're considering new, all the major names come in very close to the same weight. All are good motors. I like the Evinrude E-Tec because I fish very shallow waters and you can't beat a 2-stroke for hole shot.

Evinrude also offers a very good warranty and maintenance requirements on the E-Tec are considerably less than for 4-strokes.

I've also have very good dealers, service and parts departments nearby. Your situation may be different. VertigoAug 12, SomaliPirate likes this.

Aug 12, 3. Aug 12, 4. BoatbrainsAug 12, TimR and NativeBone like this. Aug 12, 5. Boatbrains likes this. Aug 12, 6. I'm not a Gheenoe expert, but everything I've ever read says max hp on the LT is If I'm right about this, then I'd think your best bet would be an older, lighter, 2-stroke You're not going to be burning that much gas anyway, so economy isn't that big a problem. Lighter is always better, particularly as boats get smaller, and since you fish skinny water, a 2-stroke is a good choice.

Older is also good if you fish the Nature Coast. You won't cry so much when you break off a skeg.

yamaha 40hp 2 stroke outboard weight

A Yamaha 25 hp 2-stroke at a little over is hard to beat weight and performance-wise. Note: the lightest new Tohatsu 25 comes in at about 50 heavier than the older 2-stroke Yamaha.

Aug 12, 7. Aug 12, 8. RunningOnEmptyAug 12, Functions and features of the Enduro outboards designed to power commercial fishery and transport boats. This is the two stroke outboard motor series developed mainly for commercial use such as on fishing and passenger vessels. This series suits harsh conditions that include everyday use and situations involving long hours of continuous operation.

Enhanced strength and durability in locations such as roller bearings, crankshaft and cylinder block, as well as an improved water pump that ensures plenty of cooling effect, combine to deliver substantial improvements in durability and reliability. Models fueled by kerosene are also available in addition to gasoline engines. The lineups of outboard models offered differ by country or area.

Product names, coloring and graphics may also differ. The specifications of outboards shown on this website may be changed or production discontinued without notice. Always read your owner's manual before using the outboard and be sure to use it properly.

Direct inquiries concerning Yamaha outboards to your country's distributor or local dealership. Enduro Functions and features of the Enduro outboards designed to power commercial fishery and transport boats. Specialized Durability and Reliability This is the two stroke outboard motor series developed mainly for commercial use such as on fishing and passenger vessels. Overseas Sales Network Accessories.But which engine is right for you?

Comparing fuel efficiency is a good starting point. The first thing to keep in mind is that both 4-stroke and direct injection 2-stroke outboards on average are more than 35 percent better than traditional carbureted 2-strokes on fuel consumption, according to Tom Mielke, outboard marketing director for Mercury Marine. That percentage is based on how an average boater would use an outboard, he says. It is a bit less clear whether a 4-stroke or a direct injection 2-stroke is more fuel efficient.

Mielke says Mercury has found that for a given horsepower the new technology. The two engine types consume about the same amount of fuel in the middle of the rpm range, he says. David Grigsby, marine group product manager for Yamaha, says the two engine types generally burn fuel at equal rates at idle and again at wide open throttle. However, the. In addition to quiet operation, BRP says E-TEC engines release less soot and particulate matter than 4-strokes, and emit lower carbon monoxide levels, an emission component not currently regulated with marine engines in the United States.

Two-stroke oil is formulated for lubrication and combustion. The combusted oil of a 2-stroke is accounted for in its emissions, a factor in their old reputation for being somewhat smoky. But, he says, direct injection engines are getting better and using less oil. At the same time, the disparity between 2- and 4-stroke performance is closing. A former offshore powerboat racing world champion, Kalibat, for one, agrees, though he says it depends on the particular engine.

And he says he sees this as a trend. A naturally aspirated 4-stroke cannot be tuned to provide the same performance at as broad an rpm band as the 2-stroke. To deal with the breathing issue, 4-stroke manufacturers are using tuned intake runners and variable valve timing to improve the power band, and in some cases applying superchargers to perform more like a 2-stroke.

Mercury, for example, last year introduced its Verado line of supercharged 4-strokes. One way manufacturers are reducing 4-stroke weight is on the cranks and midsections, Senger says.

Suzuki uses hollow camshafts and plastic exhaust manifolds in its 4-stroke outboards, says David Greenwood, senior product development engineer for American Suzuki Motor Corp. Boatbuilders are modifying hulls to accommodate heavier engines, and some companies, such as North Carolina builder Southport Boatworks, are designing models expressly for use with 4-stroke power. And Zodiac has introduced a line of dinghies for use with 4-stroke outboards.

He says the additional engine weight kept some small boats from getting on plane. While more boats will be able to handle 4-strokes in the future, does that make the outboards the right choice? Shields says he has a customer with 6, hours on an old-style 2-stroke, and that advances with metals on the Evinrude E-TEC could equate to much longer engine life.

Honda marketing manager Senger says 4-strokes can run tighter tolerances than 2-strokes, which expose pistons and rings to a lot of wear with so many ports in the cylinders. Shields says over the long run, a 4-stroke requires more service than a 2-stroke. Some might require valve adjustments or replacement timing belts. Mostly people are reluctant to talk about engine life, due in part to the relatively young age of both engine types.

While there is some debate over actual service and maintenance costs between the two engine types, the initial cost of a 2-stroke normally is lower than that of a 4-stroke. Four-strokes have begun to dominate the market below about 40 hp because of the complexity and expense involved in trying to make a light, small engine operate with the electronic controls necessary to run a direct injection system.

Mercury sells 4-strokes from 4 hp to hp including its Verado line and OptiMax direct injection 2-strokes from 75 hp to hp. It is discontinuing its old electronic fuel injection line of 2-strokes this year as part of a commitment the company made to the Environmental Protection Agency, Gaillard says.The Yamaha 40 hp and 30 hp Midrange four strokes are known for their small size and solid performance. Light and powerful, these nimble, three-cylinder wonders are perfect for light duty on skiffs, jons and inflatables and small pontoons or aluminum fishing boats.

With single-overhead camshafts and electronic fuel injection, they deliver quick starts, responsive power, quiet operation and valuable efficiency. The Yamaha Midrange and hp four strokes. Reliable power for any small-scale, boating application. Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and efficiency.

All air entering the engine block of is routed through a single throttle valve, to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency.

Yamaha 40hp 2 Stroke Tiller Jet Drive Outboard Motor

It then enters each cylinder through individual long intake tracks, which are 'pulse tuned' to provide air at the precise volume and timing for maximum density and power. The F40 and F30 feature a vapor-reducing fuel return system. Used in conjuction with multi-point electronic fuel injection, they offer dependable turn-key starting in hot or cold conditions.

This protection is standard on all Yamaha Midrange four-stroke engines. The nimble, responsive F40 and F30 offer more than incredible performance. They also offer the option of variable trolling capability.

Yamaha 40 Hp Outboard Boats for sale

With its single throttle valve, long-track intake manifold and electronic control module, it delivers easy starts, fast acceleration and excellent top-end speed. Our cc hp midrange boasts a streamlined design and solid performance. Its Nitro Assist Tilt makes tilting almost effortless.

All Jet model weights include the jet pump assembly weight estimated. Midrange Four Strokes Mechanical or Tiller: 40 hp, 30 hp. Owners Manuals. View the 40 hp. Fuel Economy. Fuel Economy Precision Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection delivers the exact amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and efficiency.

Single Overhead Camshaft. Precise Throttle Control. Precise Throttle Control All air entering the engine block of is routed through a single throttle valve, to ensure the precise amount of air necessary for optimum power and fuel efficiency.


Dependable Starting. Dependable Starting The F40 and F30 feature a vapor-reducing fuel return system. Product Videos:. Expand Gallery. Meet the Line-Up.

Switch Panels. Prop Selector.

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